Raimundo 1492 klassisk guitar i 1/2 og 3/4

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Scales610, 570 or 530 mm

Every Raimundo guitar is 100% built in Spain, handcrafted in our workshop in Paterna (Valencia) following the TRADITIONAL SPANISH SYSTEM, under the strictest quality, stability and durability standards making them unique when compared with other guitars.


It is a guitar making system unique to our country that has been in use for centuries by all Spanish luthiers. With this system the top is attached to the neck then the rest of the pieces are assembled around the instrument. During this process of the neck assembly is when the lower part of the neck remains inside the instrument attached to the sides with only a small noticeable part outside, creating this the “Spanish heel”.


Raimundo 1492 klassisk guitar i 1/2 og 3/4

– Top: Solid red cedar or European spruce
– Back and Sides: Dyed mahogany (Guibourtia spp)
– FingerboardIndian rosewood (Dalbergia Latifolia)
– Bridge:  Indian rosewood (Dalbergia Latifolia)
– Neck: Mahogany (Khaya Ivorensis)
– Machinehead: Nickel
– Scales610, 570 or 530 mm.
– Nut width48 mm.