ISANA Black Pearl 2018 reissue of the legendary German archtop. s. nr. 34-ps 18

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Product information Isana „Black Pearl“ 2018 by Sandner company

Jazz guitar/archtop Isana, model “Black Pearl” from 2018. You purchase one of only 80 guitars of the worldwide limited first reissue series. One or two digit serial number. Only first series includes a handsigned expertise from Sandner grandson Dietmar Schuh. The reissue looks a lot like the fifties original. But in details, she has been optimized to state of the art quality and features, such as truss rod, modern neck profile, single tuners and pickup system. But as fifty years ago she’s an original German Sandner from Nauheim, South Hessen, but produced with expert advice of legendary Gibson master luthier Ren ferguson!

Material and technical system:

Top is made of massive spruce, body of maple. Maple neck with truss rod. Ebony fingerboard with five white marbled perloid inlays. Headstock face has a layer of white perloid, completed by two black celluloid inlay stripes – brand indicia in typical fifties Isana design. Pickguard shows original Isana shape, made of white perloid too. All perloid parts are made of the same wonderful looking material. Ebony bridge with single adjustable string saddles, open single tuners, massive tailpiece, shaped exactly as the sixties original. Humbucker neck pickup, volume control thumbwheel easy to handle but “invisible” inside the lower soundhole. Jack socket at lower side.

“Elvis’ father Vernon bought an ‘Isana’ guitar at the music shop ‘Hummel’ in Frankfurt on 12-20-1958, a noble instrument finished with black piano lacquer at the price of DM 225,00, and gave it to Elvis as a Christmas present. Later Elvis added a floating neck pickup to the instrument and played it through a Dynacord amp.”

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