G7th Heritage 6 String Capo Gold for acc/electric guitar, Tradition og innovation i harmoni.

1.385 DKK / STK.

Denne traditionelle capo er lavet af håndpoleret rustfrit stål og har for første gang banebrydende G7th Adaptive Radius Technology (A.R.T.) – nu finpudset til perfektion.

Det er bare KUNST. tilpasser sig enhver hals, konstant i stand til at ændre sin radius, trinløs justering til at matche DIT instrument, til uovertruffen, indstillet og uden mislyd.

Leveres med læderpose, polerer klud og gaveæske.


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A 6 string capo that doesn’t rely on brute force
The Newport 6 String capo is specifically designed for 6 string acoustic and electric* guitars and combines traditional flip lever action, with a low-profile that doesn’t get in the way of your fretting hand.
Fine tune adjustment means that you can dial in exactly as much tension as you need.

Unique Compensated String Pad allows all 6 strings to fret at the same time and under the same tension, dramatically reducing tuning problems while capoing all 6 strings securely and accurately.

Choosing the G7th Newport 6 string capo means you spend less time tuning and more time playing. Great on stage and in the studio!



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