Fishman Prefix Stereo Blender


Som Prefix plus samt indbygget kondensator mikrofon. Seperat udtag for pickup/mikrofon.

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Featured for the Stereo Blender is the acclaimed Acoustic MatrixT under-saddle pickup. It delivers
a clear, articulate sound with emphasis on string definition and attack. To compliment and
contrast this pickup, a miniature electret microphone (mounted to the underside of the preamp
chassis) captures the guitar’s elusive natural ambience and sound chamber resonance. Blend the
pickup and Microphone together for a powerful and cohesive acoustic guitar tone that is deeper
and more “filled out”, than the sound of either the microphone or pickup alone.
The Stereo Blender preamp module incorporates a unique flip-top battery compartment for easy
access. Levels are set by the master volume and blend controls. Traditional shelving-style bass &
treble, plus a semi-parametric “Contour” EQ are included so you can shape your guitar’s tone
exactly to taste. To complete the package, we include a phase switch and an adjustable notch filter,
both essential for fighting feedback.
For the Stereo Blender we have updated and upgraded our top-of-the-line Prefix preamp. With
the flick of a switch, you can now choose between stereo or mono signal paths for the system’s
under-saddle pickup and integral miniature microphone. This new feature expands your options
for routing both signals.
We have also improved the performance of our notch filter by fine tuning its response to give you
better control over your sound. In addition, a completely new circuit improves EMI and RF rejection
for even quieter performance than its predecessor.
The system’s under-saddle pickup is the industry standard Fishman Acoustic
MatrixT. It is made with Fishman’s exclusive co-polymer sensing material. This
proprietary material reproduces your acoustic guitar sound with a sensitivity and
dynamic range that surpasses all other known materials (including piezo-ceramic
and so called “piezo-film” pickups).
Prefix – Prefix – Stereo Blender Stereo Blender
At the heart of the pickup is a multi-layer stack of co-polymer strips. These strips sense motion
across the entire length of the saddle for unparalleled performance. Compared ceramic pickups
with individual elements, the Acoustic Matrix’ “unitary” co-polymer design provides a more natural
and balanced response, with sensitivity to both the strings and the soundboard. The transducer is
fully enclosed in a shielded foil wrap for quiet performance and total EMI noise rejection.
This quality electret-condenser microphone will provide very high level sound reproduction before
feedback when used in conjunction with the unit’s Phase, Notch and Contour EQ (see pages 7-
8). Conveniently shock-mounted to the underside of the preamp chassis, the microphone is strategically
isolated inside the instrument. For stage use, the Microphone’s interior location affords
you unprecedented freedom of movement as well as minimal bleed through from other instruments.