Raimundo Guitar

Most of our models are available with solid Canadian red cedar or European spruce. Every Raimundo guitar is 100% built in Spain, handcrafted in our workshop in Paterna ,Valencia.


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  • Tilbud

    Raimundo Classical guitar model Bossa Nova 1, Ceder

    5.995,00DKK 4.795,00DKK
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    Raimundo 104b Studio series

    4.250,00DKK 2.995,00DKK
  • Tilbud Raimundo 1492 klassisk guitar i 1/2 og 3/4

    Raimundo 1492 klassisk guitar i 1/2 og 3/4

    3.995,00DKK 3.195,00DKK
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    Raimundo 128 studio classic guitar

    6.350,00DKK 3.695,00DKK
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    Raimundo 130 Professor series classical guitar

    6.995,00DKK 5.595,00DKK
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    Raimundo 140 Concert Guitar Model Rosewood

    8.675,00DKK 6.950,00DKK
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    Raimundo 146 Concert Ceder DEMO classical guitar

    10.850,00DKK 6.995,00DKK
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    Raimundo 610CE Ceder Cut-away with Fishman Clasica

    10.175,00DKK 6.125,00DKK
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    Raimundo 118 Dyed Mahoganystudio series guitar

    4.550,00DKK 3.695,00DKK
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    Raimundo 123 studio series guitar

    4.750,00DKK 3.795,00DKK