Aria electric guitars

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  • Aria 615 TL Modern Classic

  • Aria 714 MK2

  • Aria 718-MK2 -Brooklyn

  • Aria JET-2

  • Aria MAC-I (ONE) – Made in Japan

  • Aria PE480

  • Aria STG-57 Modern Classics offer a vintage feel with an advantage of contemporary functions.

  • Aria STG-62 Modern Classic

  • Tilbud

    PIGNOSE Portable guitar – from Arai & Co., Demo/retur Tilbud 1595,- Developed with authorization of legendary amplifier maker Pignose-Gorilla in USA.

    2.795,00DKK 1.595,00DKK
  • Tilbud

    Aria PE TR2 electric guitar

    4.795,00DKK 3.695,00DKK
  • Tilbud

    Aria Pro II Class Axe XM-05 electric guitar, EMG-85/81 active pickups. white or black

    6.095,00DKK 5.195,00DKK
  • Tilbud

    Aria Pro II Class Axe XP-05 electric guitar, EMG-85/81 active pickups. white or black

    6.595,00DKK 5.995,00DKK
  • Tilbud

    Aria Pro2 PE TR1 series

    4.795,00DKK 3.695,00DKK
  • Tilbud Aria RETRO-1532 classic electric guitarAria RETRO-1532 classic electric guitar

    Aria RETRO-1532 classic electric guitar

    3.495,00DKK 2.795,00DKK
  • Tilbud

    ARIA TA-DOMINO – The Platinum Collection -Made in Japan-, Electric Guitars, HOLLOW BODY SERIES

    14.995,00DKK 11.995,00DKK
  • Tilbud Aria PE-EVOLUTION guitar - BKAria PE-EVOLUTION guitar - BK

    Aria PE-EVOLUTION guitar – BK

    14.750,00DKK 12.595,00DKK
  • Tilbud

    Aria TA Classic hollow-body

    5.250,00DKK 4.195,00DKK
  • Tilbud

    Aria Mac-Std, Double cutaway design, electric guitar

    2.150,00DKK 1.725,00DKK
  • Tilbud

    Aria 615 Frontier electric guitar

    1.950,00DKK 1.550,00DKK
  • Tilbud

    Aria STG-Mini short scale guitar

    1.385,00DKK 1.095,00DKK