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Vox CoolTron BULLDOG distortion, effekt pedal

Vox CoolTron BULLDOG distortion, effekt pedal

A tube in a pedal? Pretty cool.


Introducing the COOLTRON series of effect pedals, three very special stompboxes that use a 12AU7 preamp-type tube at low voltage to deliver the kind of tone that, until now, would have been impossible to achieve in a battery-powered pedal.

With dual channels - each with its own Gain and Volume controls - and growling tube tone, the VOX Bulldog Distortion pedal adds extra bite to your fret burning maneuvers. Gain 1 dishes out vintage distortion while Gain 2 packs a more modern, aggressive sound with slightly scooped mids. Both are adjustable from subtle to completely over the top. A Bass control adds extra low end thump at extreme settings and a warm, round mellowness at lower settings. And with the Gain 2 Voice control you can independently tailor the second channel's hell-raising tone. A Treble control will take your sound from a biting attack at one extreme to smooth and liquid at the other. The Bulldog also is equipped with true bypass.


Bulldog Distortion controls - Gain 1, Volume 1, Gain 2, Volume 2, Bass, Treble, Gain 2 Voice, Gain1/Gain2 Switch, True Bypass
Tube: 12AU7
Power: 4 x AA batteries (allows 20 hours of operation)
Dimensions: 1 6.84 cm (6.63") (W) x 15.55cm (6.12") (H) x 6.4cm (2.52") (D)
Weight (without batteries): Bulldog Distortion 1.07kgs (2.36 lbs.), Big Ben Overdrive 1.02kgs (2.25 lbs.), Brit Booster 1.05kgs (2.31 lbs.)
Options: 9V AC adapter

1.350,00 DKK
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500 gr.

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